The staff at the Spring Mill Athletic Club has one goal: to fully integrate your body, mind and spirit while ensuring that every activity offered is fun.

All of us here want to help you achieve the healthiest, happiest lifestyle possible. We want you to reach the highest level of optimal fitness. Our dedicated staff offers workouts tailored to your age and physical condition. But the operative word here is, and always will be, fun.

All of the people that work at Spring Mill Athletic Club work as a team to provide the most positive and healthiest environment for all of our members to enjoy.

Are you interested in working at the Spring Mill Athletic Club? Email Marcy at marcy@springmillathleticclub.com.

Childcare Hours

Monday – Saturday 9AM-12:30PM

Call ahead for evening

Monday-Thursday 5PM-7:30PM

Athletic Club Hours

Monday – Thursday 5:45am – 9pm

Friday 5:45am – 8pm

Saturday 7am – 3pm

Sunday 8am – 3pm

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