How to Get In Shape Like a Champion

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The Spring Mill Athletic Club is incredibly proud of our home team, the Philadelphia Eagles, for going up against the New England Patriots and emerging as Super Bowl champions. Not everyone can score a touchdown like Nick Foles, but you can achieve your personal health goals this spring with our fitness center and swim club near Warminster, PA.

Here are a few ways to get in shape like a champion:

Choose a Personal Trainer

Whether you want to build muscle or just lose a few pounds, the personal trainers at Spring Mill Athletic Club will customize your workouts so that you get the most from your training. Our personal trainers work with you to set goals and achieve them. First, you perform a fitness assessment that provides a baseline to chart progress. Then, you have a trial workout that shows how a trainer can press your limits. Your personal trainer will use modern techniques and exercise methods that align with your style and personality.

Focus On Nutrition

Proper nutrition can prevent and manage a wide variety of health conditions — including your mysteriously expanding waistline. Our nutritionist can analyze your eating habits to make sure that your diet is supporting your health goals, and our personal trainers can offer you nutrition advice that will enhance your workout results.

Don’t Go It Alone

Working out with friends or a group is more motivating, and whether you are a fitness guru or a first-timer, we have a group fitness class that suits your needs. Try Zumba, XTX, Yoga, Spin, or one of our other great options. You’ll receive an intense workout while benefiting from the experience of your instructor and the support of your fellow class members.

Be a Champion Today

When you sign up for our one-week free trial membership at Spring Mill Athletic Club, you receive both a complimentary orientation with one of our dedicated personal trainers and one free group workout class.Follow in the footsteps of our Superbowl champions by taking advantage of the athletic facilities and health services at Spring Mill Athletic Club. We have activities for the kids, too! Sign them up for our summer camp for kids near Warminster, PA while you sign yourself up for a one-week free trial membership by calling 215-309-8609 or visiting