Get in Shape for Summer With Our High Performance Spin Classes

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Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time to get your body “beach-ready.” Whether you’re heading to the shore, the lake, or just relaxing at home this season, you’ll want to look and feel great while you’re doing it. At Spring Mill Athletic Club, we can help get you looking terrific and feeling even better with fitness classes at our Ivyland, PA athletic club.

This summer, we encourage you to try one of our group spin classes. They’re perfect for all levels of fitness and ability, and they provide a comprehensive workout to get your entire body ready for the upcoming season.

Brand New & High Tech Gear

Our cycling classes feature brand new spin bikes that are equipped with monitors. These specialized bikes offer resistance control to modify the difficulty of pedaling, ergonomically-shaped handlebars for comfort and control, and multiple adjustment positions to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes.

These state-of-the-art bikes also feature an attached heart rate monitor. This is the perfect way to dial in your workouts using the energy zones dictated by your calculated maximum heart rate. All this means that by using the monitor, you can assess your workout on the fly and make adjustments to its intensity, allowing you to make the most of your time spent on the bike.

Pedal Your Way to a Fitter You

During a typical spin class, you’ll go through different cycling routines that simulate outdoor bike rides over various types of terrain. These routines include sprints, hill climbs, and interval training, and can involve a variety of movements and positions which work multiple muscle groups in both the upper and lower body.

Spin classes are also ideal for riders of any fitness level. This is because you can control the amount of resistance and intensity during your workout while remaining in unison with the class and group dynamic.

A Plethora of Benefits

Spin classes at Spring Mill Athletic Club provide a number of benefits. This workout is perfect for relieving stress and building endurance. The climbing and sprinting involved in the classes can lead to leaner, stronger, and more-defined legs, and it serves as a quick way to burn a significant amount of calories, all of which can leave you feeling rejuvenated and looking amazing.

At Spring Mill Country Club, we want you to dive into summer headfirst with the confidence of looking your best, and we provide you with the high-tech facility and knowledgeable staff to make it happen, so consider a membership to our family gym in Warminster, PA.

For more information on our spin classes or our youth camp in the Warminster, PA area, call us at 215-309-8609 or visit