Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers Program

One in every five people are eligible for a Silver Sneakers membership, offered at no cost through your health care plan. Provided through Medicare Advantage or your Medicare Supplement Health plan, this active wellness program includes cardio and weight equipment or group classes with other seniors.

These classes provide a non-intimidating environment where you can meet other members who share similar health goals. Designed to be easy on the joints, you’ll increase strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility by utilizing elastic bands, balls, and weights.

There are no maximum or minimum visit requirements when enrolling at the SMAC through the Silver Sneakers fitness program.

Contact your health care provider to find out whether you’re eligible for a Silver Sneakers program, and gain the freedom to get fit your way. For further information about the program or available classes, please contact a member of our team and we’ll address any questions you have.

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