What’s New at Spring Mill Athletic Club?

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With a new year comes new fitness goals; And at Spring Mill Athletic Club, we want to help you set and achieve them. We are dedicated to creating programs and classes that will motivate both new and current members to be the best version of themselves — and there’s no better time to encourage you to succeed than at the beginning of a new year.

We have implemented some new challenges, created new classes, and developed a new schedule to welcome incoming members and keep current ones feeling great. Get a well-rounded fitness experience with the new and existing offerings at Spring Mill Athletic Club.

To get started, simply register for a membership. In fact, we have so much faith in our fitness center and our programs that we will give you your first week of membership for free! Kick off your year with fitness programs, soothing massages, nutritional counseling and evaluation, and weight management, all at no cost to you.

Once you’re a member, here are some things you can sign up for at our Warminster, PA area swim club and fitness center that will help you take this year by storm:

1. Sign up for personal training
The best way to start off your fitness routine this year is by getting help from a personal trainer. If you are interested in beginning training, you can get a free consultation. Our certified personal trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by creating a unique program for you based on your fitness level and objectives. No matter what you would like to work on, a trainer can help you get the most out of your training and leave you feeling motivated, refreshed, and fit.

2. Participate in the 5-week challenge
Nothing says “new year, new me” like accepting and conquering new challenges. At Spring Mill Athletic Club, we have implemented a 5-week challenge to give you that extra push you need to succeed. By participating from January 9th until February 13th, you will become eligible to be one of two people to win a cash prize. And you’ll “find your fit” along the way! Ask our staff for more information.

3. Join a new class
We have created a schedule with a variety of new group fitness classes. Whether you’re interested in learning more about Zumba, barre, XTX, circuits, or yoga, we have the class for you. Our classes are tailored to individual goals and the varying interests of our members. Download the full 2018 schedule of classes here.

Fulfill your New Year’s fitness goals by getting a membership with Spring Mill Athletic Club today. Or, if you already have a membership, find out what we can offer you this year. Become the best version of yourself with the help of our friendly and certified staff.

To learn more about the classes, amenities, and summer camp for kids at our fitness center near Warminster, PA, contact us by calling 215-309-8609 or visiting