XTX Classes

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Test your limits and push yourself in our wildly popular cross training class, XTX fitness. A form of CrossFit, each class is designed to challenge your personal fitness level in a small group setting. Whether you’re extremely fit or an intermediate exerciser looking to push yourself, XTX classes offer an intense experience.
Our certified coaches and instructors design workouts that focus on cardio, body weight, strength, and plyometric abilities. All exercises will include modifications to crank up or scale down the intensity to match your fitness levels and maximize results. If you like CrossFit you’ll love XTX.

The customized classes offer a variety of options!

Classes are very easy to follow and provide an engaging atmosphere for all levels. Every time you come to an XTX fitness class, no workout is the same as you’ll see a mixture of slow tempo core training to fast-paced plyometrics.

Our instructors integrate cardio and resistance training into your session to help you achieve your fitness goals in Warminster, Ivyland or Richboro, PA. Sweat is guaranteed, so prepare to be challenged.

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Benefits of XTX Classes, Ivyland PA

shutterstock_556781791The drills and exercises result in an intense and balanced full-body workout. If you’re committed to XTX and motivated to reach your goals, you’ll see an increase in stamina, stability, strength, endurance, and achieve weight loss.

Transformations are continuing to take place in our XTX room at Spring Mill Athletic Club in Ivyland, PA. Inquire about a free trial class, or ask about our schedule of XTX fitness classes to take part in functional training in a group setting while challenging your fitness level.

Classes require special passes, which are available to members and non-members of our club near Warminster and Richboro, PA. Find a class in a time slot that works around your schedule and experience a cross-training explosion similar to CrossFit.

Additional charges apply for XTX Fitness classes. Please call us for more information.

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