Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

As your premier health and wellness center, Spring Mill Athletic Club is committed to providing you with a relaxing atmosphere. Let us create the perfect treatment for your body through a therapeutic and stress-reducing massage.

Our licensed massage therapists offer a wide variety of massage modalities and will assist you in determining which will be beneficial to your specific needs.

Schedule an appointment today and receive complete therapeutic relief as you relax your muscles.

Customize your session to best relieve tension and stress. Your therapist will consult with you prior to the session to understand any areas of pain or discomfort, as well as the pressure you prefer.


We can all benefit from a little relaxation in a stress-filled life. There are many advantages associated with massage therapy, including decreasing the risk of injury. As your stress is relieved, improve your endurance, manage pain, improve circulation, and lower your blood pressure with assistance from our therapists.

Let us know the treatment you’d like and enjoy all the positive aspects associated with massage therapy. Contact us when you’re ready to schedule an appointment or to inquire about purchasing a gift card.

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