Spring Mill Dance Academy

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Spring Mill Dance Academy is located inside Spring Mill Athletic Club. We offer a full schedule of classes ranging from Mommy and Me to Adult Hip Hop.

Dance Classes

Spring Mill Dance Academy offers a variety of classes for all ages and levels! Our Dance program introduces children to ballet, tap, and hip-hop techniques, while allowing them to express themselves through creative movement. Children spend a good part of class time refining their techniques in the studio space. All of our classes perform at an end of the season show.

Spring Mill Summer Dance Camp

Join us for a summer of fun at Spring Mill Summer Dance Camp!! Your child will have an activity filled day learning all forms of dance from ballet to hip hop to tap! Your child will also enjoy playing our dance games and creating their very own weekly dance related arts and crafts project. Weather permitting, your child will also be able to participate in swim time down at the Spring Mill Pool!

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Class Descriptions

INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST CLASS: “FUN”damentals Of Dance Class is designed for children with Down Syndrome. This class provides your dancer the opportunity to continue developing their own unique sense of self-expression while instilling in them a love of movement, an appreciation for music, and an understanding of basic dance steps from a variety of genres. Emphasis will be on enhancing gross and fine motor skills, furthering body awareness, increasing physical stamina/rhythm/coordination, and increasing social interaction/relationship building. Class is taught in a warm, friendly environment by an experienced instructor/dance-movement therapist who utilizes appropriate music, props and activities to best support your dancer grow as both an individual and an artist.

Creative Movement class (ages 2 1/2—4 yrs.). Our creative movement class aides in the development of more complex motor skills—running, jumping, hopping, skipping & leaping. Your child will understand the basic beginner steps of ballet in a creative & imaginative way, as well as use storytelling to create movement.

Ballet/Tap Combo class (ages 4-6 yrs.). During this class, your child will spend half of the time learning the basic ballet as they would in Pre-Ballet, but are also given the opportunity to expand their dance style into beginner tap. During the tap portion of the class, your child will learn basic tap movements needed for any tap student.

Ballet Technique classes (ages 6 and up). We offer all levels from beginner to advanced Ballet, as well as Pre-Pointe and Pointe classes.

Lyrical/Contemporary classes (ages 6 and up). This class is fusion of ballet, jazz and contemporary techniques. Offered in beginner thru advanced levels.

Jazz classes (ages 6 and up). This is a high energy technique based class that utilizes popular music. This class also includes the style of Musical Theater. Offered in beginner thru advanced levels.

Hip Hop classes (ages 4 and up). This class refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping. Offered in beginner thru advanced levels.

Tap class (ages 6 and up). This is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Offered in beginner thru advanced levels.

Acro/Gymnastics/Dance (ages 6 and up) This class is designed to include tumbling, and acrobatics into dance.

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