Swim & Dive Lessons

Open to the public – no club membership required!

When you or your children are interested in swimming or diving lessons, the instructors at Spring Mill Athletic Club challenge all students while maintaining a commitment to safety.

We customize programs for all levels of swimming to provide you with the best experience. There are three types of lessons that our instructors offer.

  • Group Lessons (4 Weeks/8 Lessons)
  • Semi-Private (Groups of 3)It is recommended that children participating in the semi-private lessons are of the same swim level. These sessions are great for siblings that work well together or families that want to develop new training and strokes in the same environment.
  • Private Lessons
  • Private Dive

We provide a competitive and interactive program that meets your goals and enhances your skills in the water. Our goal is to get each student comfortable in the water as they gain confidence and develop coordination of strokes and technique.

Contact us for any inquiries about group or private lessons.

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